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Can Epoxy Resin be 1:1 Mixing Ratio?

Yes, clear epoxy resin canbe 1:1 mixing ratio, but as all the current model in the market, 1:1 model will be much thicker than that of 3:1 or 2:1 model due to materials' features, with less self-leveling or bubble defoam.

However, Jinhua developed our own 1:1 model with the product number of 1201AB series, compare with our current 3:1 model for the crafts making, it is thicker, but with much easier operation while you can measure it with cup, no need an electric scale now, and can be used for most kinds of crafts. But for manufacturers' use, we still suggest you to use 3:1 model.

1:1 model can be used for DIY lovers.