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What Is the Difference Between the Silicone and Epoxy?

The differences between the Epoxy and Silicone:

When you need to buy adhesive for some of your application, you might want to know the differences between Epoxy resin and Silicone, let us share some information with you here 

First, Both epoxy and silicone can be for single and double components, but for two components epoxy, the mixing ratio usually be 2:1 or 3:1, and the mixing ratio for silicone usually with 10:1, it depends on the formulations offered by different factories.

Second, there are hard and soft epoxy after cured, but for silicone, it always soft.

Third, Epoxy has much more stronger bonding strength than silicone glue. Silicone will be very easy to peel off after cured.

Forth, Silicone has a better heat resistance and yellowing resistance than epoxy.Silicone can be used at a very high temperature up to 200 degree, but normally two parts epoxy can only hold the high temperature up to 120 degree.